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The Fylingdales Group of Artists

Membership of 8 Artists 1925

Hawley,     Denton     Secretary Resigned 1938

Walmsley, Ulric          Made life member 1953. Died 1954

Pickard,     Louise     

Walker,     Ethel  Resigned during 1939-45 war as Dame Ethel. Died 1952

Lowe,     George Theodore      Montrose House, Robin Hood's Bay. Died 1942

Hawley,     Winifred     Tregarno, Monassan, Helston, Cornwall

Grey,        Edith       Mrs.     Died 1944

Waites,     Jennie     Miss. Died 1944

Robin Hood's Bay Denton Hawley
Robin Hood's Bay Denton Hawley

Image 1 Watercolour by Denton Hawley

Image 2 Watercolour by Denton Hawley

Signature Denton Hawley Dated 1925

Two watercolours by Denton Hawley

By kind permission from a private collection.

Dated 1925

Both pictures are of Robin Hood's Bay

1.The fist image with the two fishermen in a cobble, the view is of the Bay Hotel, four star , ( on the right) with the landslip down towards the beach, the building on the left, a NationalTtrust building, which was the old coastguards station, both are on New Road, as the road turns past the Bay Hotel it changes its name to King Street.

To the left of the man on the slipway is the old smugglers tunnel, also Kings Beck enters the sea, but in the past to avoid paying import duty on goods, the locals would carry their contraband up into the tunnel, several of the houses which straddle kKings Beck  have trapdoors above the beck,. It is thought this is how they avoided the customs men.

As Robin Hood’s Bay was often cut off during winter, it proved ideal for smugglers to operate. There are records that some of the contraband was then sent inland via the Lake Wake Walk path, a distance of 42 miles between Osmotherly, via Robin Hood’s Bay, ending in Ravenscar.

2.The second picture is something like 300 yards away from the first picture, again on New Road, right at the bottom of Robin Hood’s Bay, I’m not sure the name of the alleyway, but it leads up to Primrose Cottage and Flagstaff Cottage and if you keep going up the path/alleyway, you will reach the coastal path which takes you eventually to Boggle Hole and Scarborough ( about 12 miles in total).

He did have art training in Antwerp in the 1880s and he painted, sketched and exhibited throughout his life. He was chiefly a landscape watercolourist and painted mainly views in and around Robin Hood’s Bay. He signed his work Geo T Lowe.

His day job was manager of the Yorkshire Penny Bank in Huddersfield. He lived in Huddersfield, but always summered in Robin Hood’s Bay, where his constant address was Montrose House, Fisher Head. He moved there permanently in 1934 when his address changed to Fernleigh, Fisher Head.

He was also a keen mountaineer, walker and caver and was the first President of the Yorkshire Rambler’s Club. He was originally from Leeds, and in the 1890s was a member of the Leeds Savage Club - an odd society that promoted art, bohemianism and mountaineering. Owen Bowen was also a member.

(Quoted by a family member 2022)

More images

These images are from as private colection

all are by George T Lowe

Portrait of Leo Walmsley by Denton Hawley

By kind permission from a private collector.

1st Catalogue for the exhibition in The Church Rooms Robin Hood's Bay in 1925

By kind permission from a private collector.

Portrait of H.H.Cawood by H.Denton Hawley

By kind permission from a private collector.

The picture below as seen in the press cutting above.

By kind permission from a private collector.

Paris 1934 by Denton Hawley

By kind permission from a private collector.

Winifred Hawley (nee Hardy)

Hawley, Winifred :- Tregano, Monassan, Cornwall . Winifred opened an Officer's Widow claim, living at King's Farm, North Newton, Bridgewater.

The picture below as seen in the press cutting left..

By kind permission from a private collector.

Pickard, Louise

B.Hull. 12th December 1865. D. 6th June 1928. Was an English painter of still life, landscapes and portraits. Studied at the Slade School of Art 1898 -1900 and then studied sculpture in Paris. Exhibited at the Royal Academy on eight occassions between 1909-1928. N.E.A.C., Groupil Group. Studio held in Chelsea, London. Collections ferens Art gallery, Cartwight hall, Tate Gallery. Died in London. Memorial exhibition at Alpine Club gallery 1928.

Picture credit:- Portrait attributed to Louise Pickard.

From the collection Pannett Art Gallery, Whitby.