The Fylingdales Group of Artists

The Fylingdales Group of Artists Full List

1925 - 2016

As a Group we are constantly looking for images / text / biographies of any of the artists mentioned below. Any information we gather is within this website.

If you can help in any way, please do contact the Secretary.

We are occasionally asked to provide information on past members, this we are happy to do.

We cannot provide up to date valuations.

A good place to ask being the Scarborough Auctioneers of

David Duggleby.

A link to their website is provided :- davidduggleby

Membership of 8 Artists 1925-1926

Hawley,     Denton     Secretary Resigned 1938

Walmsley, Ulric          Made life member 1953. Died 1954

Pickard,     Louise     

Walker,     Ethel  Resigned during 1939-45 war as Dame Ethel. Died 1952

Lowe,     Georgette      Montrose House, Robin Hood's Bay. Died 1942

Hawley,     Winifred     Tregarno, Monassan, Helston, Cornwall

Grey,        Edith       Mrs.     Died 1944

Waites,     Jennie     Miss. Died 1944


Gray,  V.Seaton     Died 1949

Terry,  J.A.     Died 1949

Bowen,     Owen     Resigned 1966

Cooper,     K     Miss

Bateson,     E.H.     Miss. Resigned 1935

Hudson,     Willis        Secretary Died 1936

     MEMBERSHIP OF 16 ARTISTS 1929 - 1937

Hill                Rowland     Ellerbey Lodge, Hinderwell. Resigned 1949

Adderton     C.W.     Lingers, Robin Hood's Bay. Died 1944

Walker     Hirst          40 Prospect Mount, Scarborough Resigned 1932

Callum     Fanny     Miss. Calcaria, Grovenor Mount, Leeds

Crawshaw     Lionel     The Studio, Blackburns Yard, Whitby

Copley     Henry John     Fisher Head, Robin Hood's Bay, Died 1941 Secretary

Inskipp     J.H.     19 Esplanade, Scarborough

Hess                Florence     The White House, Alwoodley, Leeds Died 1974. Expelled non payment of subscription 1973

Clarke ,    Richard E.     

Cooper     Kats     Miss. Resigned 1939

Todd     ,   Harold     Station Road, Robin Hood's Bay. Secretary 1937       Hon.Life Member 1975 Died 1977


Booth     J.W.     R.C.A.  Scalby, Scarborough

Walker     Edward     A.R.C.A. Scarborough

Wainright     Albert      Harrogate Died 1943

Savage     H.     York

Bateman     Harry          Scarborough Died 1976

Mann                W.J.     Newby, Scarborough

Scarth     R.E.     Collingham Bridge, Leeds

Bancroft     L.M.     Mrs. A.R.C.A. Henrietta Street, Whitby Died 1948