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Sue Morton          Elected 2022


Address:27 Brook Park, Briggswath YO21 1RT


I am a landscape artist mainly working in oil or watercolour. After training in the arts (in ceramics and painting) I taught for several years, then gained further qualifications to change careers. I have painted all my life, entering several exhibitions, and finally came 'home' to Whitby to paint full time. I am a member of Whitby Art Society and exhibit with them, as well as having had several successful exhibitions at 'The Inspired By..….' Galleries in Danby. My work has previously  shown in the Station Gallery Richmond, Art Bank Saltburn, The Coast Gallery Cloughton), The Zillah Bell Gallery in Thirsk and, with friends, at Nunnington Hall as a commission by the National Trust.

Sue Morton

Cheek to cheek

Sue Morton

A Land for All Seasons

Sue Morton

High Flight