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The Fylingdales Group of Artists

Michael Atkin Secretary

Low Street, Scalby, Scarborough YO13 0QW


My prints have a storyline quality, they are interpretations of an incident that I may have seen or heard and developed, and eventually committed to either the  etching plate, lino print or limited edition book  The curve in a particular field set against a backdrop of trees or buildings can conjure a setting in which I create my imagery. The people in my etchings help to give scale to the landscape, often dwarfed by the trees, a chance encounter,  an amusement of one sort or another. Each image tells its own story of people within the encompassing landscape. Recently I have started to wood engrave on boxwood end grain, a difficult medium, but it does allow for greater deatil.

I prefer to work from prepared drawings to the size of the intended plate using either copper or zinc.  Several proofs are taken before a fine rosin aquatint is laid which when bitten creates the tonal qualities of the print. Etching is not a precise science, one has to adapt to the vagaries of nitric acid, which often is unpredictable. I print editions  of up to  60 prints with six artist’s proofs, after which the plate is destroyed. Recently i have reduced the edition size to just 30 copies + 3 artist's prrofs to enable me to create more images.

During my etching career, I have worked as a printer at Thomas Ross’s (London), Ebenezer Press (Graham Clarke) and Petersburg Press (London), Atelier Bellini, Paris; editioning etchings and lino prints. Founded Bracken Press in 1974 to publish the artist's limited edition prints and books.

My prints retail between £45.00 and £350.00.          

Limited edition fine art ‘private press’ books £100 to £2500.00

Michael is also an Exhibiting Member of Leeds Fine Artists.