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The Fylingdales Group of Artists

Kane Cunningham

I am essentially a landscape painter that explores through the dialectical process the historical, cultural and contemporary narratives that exist within a contested location, environment and space.

The aim is to synthesise a personal understanding of the landscape and to offer the viewer a personal perspective on issues that affect the vested interests of landowners, the National Parks, Industry and tourism.

Inspired by J.M.W Turner, Picasso and contemporary artists such as Per Kirkeby from Denmark my work also engages with the materiality and physicality of painting in the landscape and in the studio. My medium is varied, to include watercolour, oil paint, print and pastel.

'Whitby in paint has been a challenge this year due to my developing interest in oil paint as an expressive medium.  

Influenced by Frank Auerbach I have tried to explore the intrinsic qualities of paint and to push it creative boundaries.

This large scale work was also a physical challenge which at times was a struggle to resolve but also fun!

The idea was to express something of the essence of Whitby and so not a direct representation, though clearly there are references to the landscape and familiar iconic buildings.  

Studio visits can be arranged via email: