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The Fylingdales Group of Artists

John Freeman


9 Market Place

Whitby, N.Yorkshire

YO22 4DD

Tel/Fax 01947 602799

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John Freeman moved to Whitby from Doncaster in 1969 opening his studio and gallery in the Market Place on Whitby’s East Side. The years have seen his gallery expand and move a little further up the square into a converted butchers shop and slaughter house, evidence of past use still remains! Since 1985 he has worked mainly in watercolour. The Whitby area continues to be his main inspiration subject wise. Coastal studies, moor land villages and Whitby harbour all feature in studies on gallery walls. H.M.Endeavour, the carefully created replica of Capt. James Cook’s original vessel is often used as a subject, contrasting well with powerful moor land studies or detailed farm or village studies. Recently several ‘epic’ paintings featuring local life boats have created much interest one becoming an R.N.L.I. Card bestseller.

John Freeman’s unique nocturnal studies clearly demonstrates his exceptional ability to weave warmth and cold together, both with colour and with suggestion: though outside it may be cold, we know from the plumes of smoke rising from chimneys that there are roaring fires giving off welcome heat inside. These cool nocturnal tones are counterbalanced by a warm glow emanating from the windows and open doorways in each painting - making the perfect contrast with the high, bright moon and the mysterious shadows she casts.