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The Fylingdales Group of Artists

44 Barber Walk,



West Yorkshire.

WF13 2PN

Telephone: 01924 459710


Mobile 07901 746154

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Studio / Gallery Address: 28 Northgate, Dewsbury, West Yorkshire WF13 4DX Mobile :07901 746154

Inspired by painters who have worked outdoors, from the Impressionists onwards, Bruce Mulcahy has, for over twenty years, been producing his landscapes on the spot in all seasons and weathers. The practical difficulties of this are put to one side as the vital thing for him is to be able to react directly to the subject - its colours, textures and light - to try to show something of what was special about a particular place at a particular time. His materials (oil, gouache or acrylic) provide the strength of colour and tone and allow the variety of marks to be made which together suggest what it was like to be in front of the scene itself, where, as Bruce puts it, ‘something said ‘Stop. Paint here’.

Education:- 1967 - 74 Wheelwright Grammer School, Dewsbury. 1974 - 78 Newcastle University.

Qualifications & Awards. B.A.(Hons), Degree in Fine Art (2.1) 1978 . John Christie Scholarship 1977. Cheshire County Council Prizes 1989. John James Hamer Award 1991. Eleanor Sykes Award 1995, 1997, 2000. Laing Competition Guests’ Award 1995, 1997. Calder Graphics Prize 2003.

Other Information. Work is held in many private UK Collections and currently in 14 other countries: - Ireland, France, Holland, Germany, Poland, Finland, Norway, Italy, Canada, USA, Argentina, Australia, New Zealand and Japan. Entry in ‘Who’s Who in Art’ 31st Edition 2004.

Entry on Axis Website: (Leeds Metropolitan University).



Bullrushes - Autumn

Sunlit rocks, Seaton Carew beach

Sinlight on a bend of the Tees

Bruce Mulcahy     Sunlt sea near Mallaig, Scotland

Bruce Mulcahy     View over Great Broughton from the edge of the moors

Bruce Mulcahy     'Shop Alley', Runswick Bay