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The Fylingdales Group of Artists

The Fylingdales Group of Artists  2017 - 2027

Membership of 22 artists.

John Carter. D.A. (Edin), N.D.D., A.T.D.

25th February 1931-  16th April 2007

Born East Cleveland 1931 and trained at the Middlesbrough & Edinburgh Colleges of Art where he graduated in 1952. After National Service, took an Art teacher’s Diploma at King’s College, Newcastle, 1955. Later worked in Art Education for 35 years. After 15 SOLO EXHIBITIONS BY INVITATION mainly in PUBLIC ART GALLERIES, he  regularly contributed work to numerous mixed, selected, open & group exhibitions throughout U.K. His paintings may be seen in many public and private collections both at home and abroad. He worked from a purpose-built studio in Guisborough . A requiem Mass was held at Guisborough Parish Church on Monday 23rd April 2007.

Statement.    I make direct drawing responses to landscape employing a range of media and techniques; this work feeds the imagination, rouses emotions and helps to provide studio paintings, which have lives of their own, independent of the subject and with relationships of line, pattern and structure emerging from the act of looking. Each work is an adventure into the unknown and an expression of the total experience involved.

Some of the pictures that John had been working on prior to his death © the estate of John Carter 2007


   Invited artist

  Steve Husband


Increase in Membership to 25

Invited artists  

Sarah Garforth &

David Howell   Present Member


88th Online Exhibition

1st September - 30 th November

Due to the corvid-19 virus, the exhibition has been shifted to online.


89th Exhibition

'Invited Artists'

Gillian Roberts    Present Member

& Adam King


'Invited Artists'

Sue Morton Present Member


Andrew Cheetham

Maria Bennett

Andrew Moodie


2025 Centenery Year