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The Fylingdales Group of Artists

The Fylingdales Group of Artists  1947 -1965

Membership of 22 artists.

Wood John H.

Chapel St., Robin Hood's Bay,


Squires Terrence



Cope K.

(Mrs) Secretary Res. 1958


Vause Mrs



Wilde Jack


Hayley Alfred



Whytehead Mrs




Bevan D.J.




Storm G.M.

Robin Hood's Bay d.1975



Smith Mary

(Mrs) (nee Swaine)



Shone William




Walmsley Shiela

(Mrs) Secretary



Bowen Owen

Bowen elected President Hon. Exhibitor

Newton Algernon

Vice President Hon Exhibitor


Wright Arthur

Barnesley Res.1976 d.1980


Daulton Miss



Gibb Mrs



Colbourne Lilian

Res. 1953 Leaving the district



Sergeant G.H.


Dawbarn M.


Hall Catherine 



Teasdale Percy




Bertram R.J.S.




Bradbury Frieda

(Mrs) Joint Secretary



Bland John W.




Bateman D.

(Miss) Joint Secretary



Brearley Frank


Author of 'A history of Flamborough' pub.1971 Originally from Mirfield, painted in North & East Ridings. Collection:- Bradford City Art Gallery


Cope Pat




Brockbank Richard B.  More details




(Mr) Harold John Sharman


Pile Albert  F.R.S.A., S.G.A.

Res. 1968 (1882 -1981)Albert Pile was a prolific artist who was born in London but on retirement came to live in Yorkshire where he spent many years in Whitby. He spent much time drawing the town and its surrounding areas. Although he painted and sketched purely for his own pleasure his works were exhibited in London and Paris. During the Second World War he was a Commisioned War Artists in London.  Albert was keen to record change and therefore spent much time locally, sketching in Whitby, recording parts of the old town before they were knocked down. His work is much sought after and could be an investment. Since his death his work has been sold at auction at Christies (London) in three catalogue sales.

Rodgers W.N.

Res. 1973


Priestley George




Johnson T.J.




Pye Harold  

Web search:- 



Winder W.M.




Brown Elizabeth M.

(Mrs) Res. 1973



Leadley William E.



Pawson Ronald S.  (Sheard)

 Delph Lane, Leeds d.1977 aged 62

 Artist in Leeds.  Also sometimes signs paintings Ronald S (Sheard) Pawson.  

He died in the mid 70s from a heart attack aged 62. 

 'I spoke to his son Roger  who said he was a very well thought of, professional artist in Yorkshire and his paintings fetch very reasonable prices.

 I noticed that your web site was asking for images of past members work and so I am attaching a photograph of our picture which is painted on board and inscribed on the back "Landscape in snow, North Yorkshire.  Ronald Pawson, 50 Delph Lane, Leeds 6, Yorkshire.  It also has a number "8" on a label which I believe is an auction number.'  (Supplied by Mr J. Pratchett December 2009)

Landscape in Snow', North Yorkshire   (Oil on Board). 

 With kind permission from the collection of   Mr  J. Pratchett.

Perrins J.H.


Burton Jack

Died. .2004  

Jack Burton’s name is synonymous with Bridlington Art Society. He was one of the founder members in 1948 and devoted time and energy to ensure the Societies successful continuity. Jack was instrumental in getting Harry Hudson Rodwell the noted Royal Society of Marine Artists, as it’s first President. He was secretary for some years and became treasurer for twelve years. He was rewarded for his efforts by being elected as a Vice President and Honorary life member some years ago. Jack will be remembered too for his contribution by his own accomplishments shown in the many paintings he produced. In the early years, he mainly painted in oils exhibiting local scenes with atmospheric treatment and many ‘still life’ works with expert handling of paint. Jack painted outdoors on the Yorkshire coast from Staithes down to Spurn Point. Yet when he ventured abroad he painted and brought back delightful scenes from the continent. In his late years, he turned quite remarkably to watercolour and his forte was depiction of crowded beach scenes of Bridlington, Scarborough and Filey. These paintings were soon sought after. They had the interest and quality about them of L.S.Lowry. As a person he was highly respected- he would encourage and give constructive advice to fellow painters. He was always referred to as the perfect man. The group will long remember him and he will live on in his paintings.

L.Pearson (Chairman Bridlington Art Society & Chairman The Fylingdales Group of Artists



Wray Lilian




Pearson Leslie

'Priory Church and Bayle Gate, Bridlington Yorkshire.'  19.5 X 13 inches  

The above painting by Les Pearson is reproduced here by kind permission of M. Dowse who lives in Canada.

Member of the Group since 1962 (Born 15th May 1923 -18th December 2010)

Chairman of the Fylingdales Group of Artists 1984 - 2006

Qualified as a teacher in Art and Design at St. John’s College York. 4 years R.A.F. 1941- 1945. Latterly in the R.A.F., prior to demobilization, was a tutor on the E.V.T. (Educational & Vocational Training Scheme) for young servicemen leaving the service. Taught art, pottery and textile printing at secondary schools in Hull and then the East Riding of Yorkshire until retirement in 1983. Since then has painted in watercolour mainly marine and coastal works, up and down the Yorkshire Coast from Staithes to Spurn Point on the Humber estuary. he was a founder member in 1949 of Brdilington Art Society and served in most of the society's official posts until he stood down in 2008. He was Chairman for a total of 31 years including an unbroken spell from 1984 - 2008.


Johnson Ken (?) d. 1993 (?)


Cooper A.J.      d.1992




Rands, Angus, Bernard  (1922 - 1985)      Web Result




Rawlins Janet   b.1931  Born in Horsforth, she studied at Leeds College of art. She exhibited widely including the Royal Academy where her principal works have included 'Between the lakes, Eavestone' in 1952 , 'Winter garden, Isle of Wight', 1954 and 'Tea on the terrace' in 1956.. She has works in Bradford, Harrogate and Batley art galleries, many education authorities and the Leeds Permanent Building society.

Res. 1968  Web Result



Edwards Muriel . L.

(Mrs) Res. 1979



Mowforth E.H.Rev.

Res. 1976 d.1977



Makins Geoffrey

Res. 1982

An example by Jack Burton painted in 1972

By kind permission of the private owner.

Nocturnal Coast 42 x 24 inches

With kind permission from the collection of J.Snodgrass.

D.J.Bevan    Bootham Bar ( York, 1935 )     From a private collection