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The Fylingdales Group of Artists

The Fylingdales Group of Artists  1926  - 1928

Gray, V.Sneaton   Died 1949

Terry, J.A.  (1872 - 1939)

Bowen, Owen. Resigned 1967

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Cooper, K. Miss  



Bateson,E.H. Miss, Resigned 1935 (born 1891 -1937)

Born Cambridge- Sculptor and painter. Studied at RA schools under Edward Lanteri from 1891 where she won 3 silver medals for sculpture. Bateson was one of a group of women artists who were encouraged to take up Sculpture at this time due to the developement of modelling in clay and then casting in Bronze. Previously sculpture had been thought too physically demanding for women! 
According to Susan Beattie,`the dramatic rise of women sculptors to

prominence in the 1890s w

as directly related to the changing image of the art. The cult, not only of the statuette, but of modelling as the sculptors most direct means of self-expression, and the consequent revolution in the bronze founding industry, had deeply undermined the principal argument against women's involvement in sculpture, their inability to cope with the sheer physical effort it required. [Beattie, 195]` See The Victorian Web - Giles's Hero in the Context of Contemporary Women Sculptors for more info. There is a statue by Bateson in the Library of Lady Margaret Hall, Oxford University.ater on Bateson seems to have moved on to painting, there is a tenuous linto the Staithes group of painters, and a Miss E.H.Bateson was a member of the the Fylingdales group of Yorkshire coast painters between 1928 and 1935. 

Edith Bateson exhibited widely - 4 times at the Royal Academy between 1891-97 and at the International Society of Sculptors 1914-22. Also Walker Gallery 6, RI 2, RBA 4, ROI 3, LS 6 and numerous provincial galleries

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Hudson, Willis    secretary. Died 1936

Willis Richard Edwin Hudson