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The Fylingdales Group of Artists

The Fylingdales Group of Artists was founded on 25th June, 1925 at a meeting held in Mr. Denton's Hawley's studio in Robin Hood's Bay. It was to be limited to 12 members although this was increased to the present number of 22 some time later. Dame Ethel Walker, A.R.A., Owen Bowen and Ulric Walmsley were among the founder members, Denton Hawley became the first Secretary.

The artist exhibited between 1924 and 1928, and spent the 1926-27 period working in Lamorna.

Hawley  Denton  

Secretary Res. 1938  

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H. Denton HAWLEY  (Harry)

fl 1924-1928    media:  Landscape painter, illustrator     exhibitions: GOU (4) Scource.:-

Goupil Gallery  In the years around 1850 the Goupil Gallery, then located in the Rue Caulaincourt, was a small shop which sold principally engravings of the works of such painters as Horace Vernet, Paul Delaroche and Ary Scheffer. In 1877, with the third Impressionist exhibition, Goupil became interested in the new movement and from then on the growth of the gallery was rapid. Van Gogh worked in the branch in The Hague in 1869 and was later transferred to the Brussels shop, where he was replaced by his brother Theo prior to his transfer to the London branch. In 1875 Vincent worked for a while at the Paris headquarters, from which he was dismissed the following year. Later, he sent some of his paintings to his brother, Theo, still employed by Goupil, who tried to place them with the Gallery, but they were rejected as 'horrors'. In 1895; Toulouse-Lautrec exhibited a group of his Montmartre canyases at the London shop. Another Goupil related to the founder of the firm, was the author of a book on painting which was instrumental in Matisse's choice of career.

Walmsley Ulric      Web result  1860- 1954

Leo's father, James Ulric Walmsley, was a gifted artist

who spent the last sixty years of his life in Robin Hood's Bay, North Yorkshire, England. His paintings of this area in oils and watercolours are now greatly appreciated and much in demand.

Pickard Louise

1865 -1928

2 works held

Walker Ethel

Born 9th June 1861- 2nd March 1951.

Res. during 39 -45 war  Dame Ethel Walker d.1951

14 works held

Lowe  George Theodore

Montrose House, Robin Hood's Bay d. 1942

He did have art training in Antwerp in the 1880s and he painted, sketched and exhibited throughout his life. He was chiefly a landscape watercolourist and painted mainly views in and around Robin Hood’s Bay. He signed his work Geo T Lowe.

His day job was manager of the Yorkshire Penny Bank in Huddersfield. He lived in Huddersfield, but always summered in Robin Hood’s Bay, where his constant address was Montrose House, Fisher Head. He moved there permanently in 1934 when his address changed to Fernleigh, Fisher Head.

He was also a keen mountaineer, walker and caver and was the first President of the Yorkshire Rambler’s Club. He was originally from Leeds, and in the 1890s was a member of the Leeds Savage Club - an odd society that promoted art, bohemianism and mountaineering. Owen Bowen was also a member.

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Hawley Winifred

Tregarno, Monassan, Helston, Cornwall D. 1933


Grey Edith

Born 1889  (Mrs)d.1933

Web result.

Waites Jennie

(Miss) d.1944